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Below you will find a quick and comprehensive listing of Carson's Emergency Vehicle Products. Click on each product heading or prompt to find out more.

SA-361 Defender Siren Always Answers the Call


The SA-361 Defender remote siren has been redesigned with a new look and added functionality! The improved Defender combines the same simple operation, reliable performance and full-featured siren options as the original SA-361, but in a smaller, more compact amplifier. Size and user-friendly serviceability were the motivating factors in the redevelopment of this industry favorite. These key factors were achieved through the addition of terminal block wiring, which offers simple, plug-in connection to the amplifier; and the reduction of the internal electronics footprint resulting in a smaller amplifier with more versatile installation capabilities.

SA-365 Defender Siren Always Answers the Call


Simplicity is the key to the SA-365 Defender. Simple to install, simple to operate and simple to afford! At first glance, you might notice that the SA-365 closely resembles the existing Carson SA-360 Defender. The SA-365 has, in fact, replaced the SA-360, but has not replaced the features and functionality that made it an industry leader, such as, three position rocker switches to select between a siren wail, yelp, and phaser, or optional Two-Tone/HiLo siren tones with Manual and Air Horn override. The siren also features Instant-On and Horn Ring Cycler 2 (HRC2) functionality that enables the driver hands-free control of the siren by cycling through the tones with the vehicle's horn. 

SA-385 Alert Siren - Giving You Just What You Need


The SA-385 Alert siren gives you just what you need, because you shouldn't have to pay a premium for features you rarely use! That's why the SA-385 has been engineered to offer only the most highly desired features and functionality, while eliminating those price inflating “bells and whistles” that are common on many sirens today.

The SA-400 Classic Siren Sets the Standard


With over thirty years experience in manufacturing this "industry workhorse", the SA-400 Classic is better than ever. It is one tough siren with a reputation of providing years of reliable service. In fact, several thousands of them are still running the streets to this day alerting motorists of an approaching police officer, ambulance or other emergency rescue vehicle. 

The SA-430 Patriot Siren That Saves Lives


Substitute the SA-430 Patriot Siren remote control head and 100/200-watt electronic siren amplifier where the vehicle has only one speaker or if the dual tone feature is not desired. 

The SA-441 MagForce Siren Blasts Through Traffic


The SA-441 MagForce Siren is engineered for both law enforcement and emergency rescue applications. It is designed to work with two 100 watt speakers to produce the dual tones. And because of the siren's compact remote control head design, it fits easily in low clearance areas with only a single lead connection to the amplifier. 

The SA-500 Cruiser Siren Hits the Road Running


The SA-500 Cruiser is one of the most efficient, rugged, reliable and functional 100/200-watt sirens on the market today. And at only 2 ?", this self-contained full featured siren easily fits into a police car or ambulance console or dash using significantly less space, leaving room for other equipment.

The SA-400M Classic Mechanical - The New Standard of Excellence


The SA-400M Classic Mechanical siren is aptly named. Building on the foundation of the “industry standard” SA-400 Classic, this next generation siren combines the rugged dependability of its predecessor with a classic Mechanical Tone, powerful new Carson “Stutter” Air Horn and distinctive silver look. The result...a premium siren that effectively clears intersections by delivering that “Big Engine” sound that makes drivers instinctively pull over. 

The SA-430M Patriot Mechanical Siren - The Remote Siren With The Sizable Sound


The SA-430M Patriot Mechanical remote siren is small in stature, but big in traffic clearing power! This truly unique siren offers the versatility of a compact, easy-to-install, flush mount control head with the strength of the new Carson replica “Stutter” Air Horn and dedicated Mechanical siren tone. 

The SA-441M MagForce Mechanical Siren - The Fusion of Power and Sound


The SA-441M MagForce Mechanical takes warning sound performance to the next level by combining a classic Mechanical Tone and new Carson “Stutter” Air Horn with the power of an independent 2 channel, 200 watt amplifier for maximum clearing output. The dual tone feature of this siren incorporates our popular selection of siren tones and new Mechanical tone into alternating sweeps which gives the perception of 2 sirens operating at the same time. This shockwave of sound penetrates even the most sound resistant vehicles on the road today. 

The SA-500M Cruiser Mechanical - Changing Perception To Clear The Way


Introducing the new SA-500M Cruiser Mechanical siren....the smallest full featured 100/200 watt Mechanical tone siren on the market today! At only 2 1/8? high, this rugged console mount model is ideally designed to overcome the space constraint challenges of today's heavily equipped emergency vehicles. 

SC-407 Enforcer Siren Gets the Job Done


The SC-407 Enforcer is an affordable 100/200-watt light control siren. The Enforcer gets the job done by maximizing the use of oversized, simple to operate controls within a compact unit that provides 140 total amps of light control capacity. 

SC-409 Commander Siren is the Ultimate Combination of Technology, Styling, and Control


Introducing the SC-409 Commander: the most technologically advanced and stylish console mount light control siren. The new Commander incorporates superior versatility through face programmable and dip switch selectable options to control nearly every kind or lightbar, directional light, auxiliary light, and other auxiliary equipment including multiple gun locks and video camera systems..

The Law Is In Your Hands with the SC-550 Stealth Siren


The Stealth Siren hand control features a rubberized face with built in microphone for P.A. override. It's rugged, low-profile design provides additional operating stability whether you run it as a true hand-held, mounted on the dash, or next to you on the seat. 

The SC-1002 Volunteer Siren That Clears the Way


The SC-1002 Volunteer 100-watt siren with light controls was designed with the volunteer firefighter in mind. This siren is designed to work with a 100-watt speaker and ensures you the strength to get you where you need to go and be heard like one of the big fire trucks. 

The SC-1012 Volunteer Siren That Clears the Way


The SC-1012 Volunteer 100-watt remote siren with light controls was designed with the volunteer firefighter in mind offering complete versatility. This unit gives you flexibility in the placement of the remote switch panel and amplifier. 

The SC-1022 Volunteer Siren - A Small Siren with Big Results in the Palm of Your Hand


The SC-1022 Volunteer hand-held remote 100-watt siren with light controls all in the palm of your hand, ideal for the volunteer that wants the siren out of his way when not in use. 

The HA-100 In-Cab Stutter Horn Amp — Air Horn Power At An Affordable Price


The HA-100 In-Cab Stutter Horn Amp is the low-cost electronic air horn alternative for volunteer firefighter POV's, especially in states that restrict POV siren use. This professional grade, 100 watt amplifier is a loud and legal* enhancement to any POV light package, providing the traffic clearing attention needed to make it quickly and safely on scene. 

The HA-150 Under Hood Stutter Horn Amp — The Most Versatile, All-Weather, Electronic Air Horn On The Market


If you work in a state or region that restricts POV siren use, then courtesy is really all you can rely on when responding to emergency calls. The HA-150 Under Hood Stutter Horn Amp gives courtesy a boost by providing a loud and legal*, all-weather, audible warning component to your POV light package. 

The HPK-100 In-Cab Stutter Horn System — The Complete Interior-Mount Audible Warning Solution


Tired of being seen and not heard? Carson has the answer…the HPK-100 In-Cab Stutter Horn System. This loud and legal* audible warning solution bundles 3 NEW professional grade Carson products, the HA-100 In-Cab Stutter Horn Amp, the SP-200 Switch Panel, and the CSP-100B Basic Speaker, into one affordable, easy-to-install horn kit. The HPK-100 combines the traffic clearing power of a simulated “stutter” air horn with auxiliary light control to provide the attention you need to make it quickly and safely on scene. Compact and durable, the HPK-100 is ideal for POV installations where interior mounting space is limited. Just another way that Carson is helping ALL volunteers to RUN SMALL, SOUND BIG, and ARRIVE SAFE. 

The HPK-150 Under Hood Stutter Horn System — The Complete All-Weather Audible Warning Solution


The HPK-150 Under Hood Stutter Horn System offers all the same loud and legal* features and functionality as the HPK-100 In-Cab Stutter Horn System, but utilizes the HA-150 Under Hood Stutter Horn Amp for exterior, all-weather installations. The HPK-150's ultra-compact component design and waterproof amplifier provides versatile “under-the-hood” installation options for any volunteer POV, motorcycle, ATV, or marine craft. It is also a cost-effective alternative for apparatus, ambulances, escorts, towing, recovery, DOT, or other service vehicles that are not equipped with compressed air horn systems.

With the SB-008 Phantom Switch Box, Control Is At Your Fingertips

The introduction of the SB-008 Phantom Switch Box signifies major advancements in the emergency vehicle light control technology. With complete programmability and DIP switch locking, manage everything from your lightbar to gunlocks and video system to auxiliary lights with this sleek, compact control unit. 

LBH-100 - “Behind the Grill” Speaker


100 watt, ultra thin solid cast aluminum construction, designed for behind the grill mounting, 750Hz to 2.7KHz operational frequency spectra, 6.5" Diameter / 2.25" thick and weighing only 6 lbs. 

HPH-370 GB - Concealment Speaker


Bell scoop shaped with steel construction, concealed mounting capabilities, 100 watt, 450Hz to 4Khz operational frequency spectra, L-11.62" / W-4.63" / H-4.75" and weighing only 8 lbs. 

HPG-100N - Versatile Speaker


Bell constructed of high impact plastic, versatile mounting capabilities, 100 watt, 450Hz to 3800Hz operational frequency spectra, L-7" / W-7.31" / H-5.38" and weighing only 6.5 lbs. 

CSP-100B — Basic Speaker


Ultra-compact hexagonal design for easy installation on any vehicle, 100 watt, 400Hz to 3500Hz operational frequency spectra, iron-boron magnet structure, W-6.34? / H-5.10? / D-2.36? and weighing only 6 lbs.

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 $108.00 SHIPPED - SA361
$98.00 SHIPPED - SA365
$149.00 SHIPPED - SA385
$217.00 SHIPPED - SA400
$301.00 SHIPPED - SA430
$392.00 SHIPPED - SA441
$185.00 SHIPPED - SA500
$384.00 SHIPPED - SA-400M
$478.00 SHIPPED - SA-430M
$608.00 SHIPPED - SA-441M
$287.00 SHIPPED - SA-500M
$302.00 SHIPPED - SC-407
$393.00 SHIPPED - SC-409
$318.00 SHIPPED -  SC-550
Discountinued - SC-1002
$201.00 SHIPPED - SC-1012
$233.00 SHIPPED - SC-1022
Discountinued - HA-100
$112.00 SHIPPED -  HA-150
Discountinued- HPK-100 KIT
$260.00 SHIPPED - HPK-150 KIT
Discountinued - SB-008
$190.00 Shipped - LBH-100 by Atlas
$140.00 SHIPPED - HPH-370GB by Atlas
$165.00 SHIPPED - HPG-100N by Atlas
$120.00 Shipped - CSP-100B Hex Speaker
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